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Raised: $10

Goal: $56,000,000

Empowering Communities: Building a Sustainable Resiliency Hub for Innovation and Education

Embark on a transformative journey with our Sustainable Resiliency Innovation and Education Hub project! This ambitious initiative seeks to create a multifaceted hub that empowers overlooked entrepreneurs, supports STEM research, and ensures the resilience of underserved communities. Donate now.

Raised: $0

Goal: $7,500,000

Transforming Finance and Responsible Investing: DARP's Vision for Global Impact

At the forefront of fintech innovation, join us to revolutionize finance, foster responsible investing, and shape a better world for all. Contribute to the DARP project today. Donate now.

Raised: $0

Goal: $10,000,000

Traditional Ecological Restoration Engaging Indigenous Communities

Join us in supporting a transformative project focused on ecological preservation, community development, and scientific advancement. Your contribution can make a lasting impact on the environment and the lives of indigenous communities.

Raised: $0

Goal: $112,000,000

Green Trade, Sustainable Infrastructure, and Empowerment: A Global Maritime Initiative

Join this transformative initiative to empower rural and isolated communities through green trade practices and transparent product traceability in global maritime commerce. We're building sustainable infrastructure, creating jobs, and fostering economic growth while promoting environmental responsibility. Donate now.
Ready Player Institute - Beyond the Skyline: Igniting Change and Bridging Gaps for Astronomical Advancements and Sustainable Development

Raised: $0

Goal: $16,250,000

Beyond the Skyline: Igniting Change and Bridging Gaps for Astronomical Advancements and Sustainable Development

The Connecting the Stars project invites you to be part of a global movement, inspiring interest in astrophysics and supporting sustainable development. Your contribution powers research, technological advancements, and inclusive growth. Join us in making a difference today. Donate now.

Raised: $0

Goal: $70,000,000

Advancing Technological Frontiers in Underserved Communities through Next-Gen Capabilities

By supporting this initiative you can help drive scientific innovation, inclusivity, and progress by significantly broadening participation in cross-functional research, education, and workforce development. Donate now.

Raised: $0

Goal: $16,000,000

Cross-functional Enhancement: Equipping Underserved Engineering and Lab Talent for Excellence

This project aims to acquire the space, tools and technology necessary to educate and drive innovation and research. Your contribution can make a significant impact on the success of our project. Donate now.

Raised: $0

Goal: $27,500,000

Powering Sustainability in Remote Regions: 100% Renewable Energy

Enable a disruptive initiative dedicated to supporting fundamental research science, empowering underserved communities and facilitating clean energy access in remote, rural and islanded regions. Donate now.

Raised: $0

Goal: $12,000,000

Enhancing Clean Water Resilience and Sustainability

Join our mission to bolster water resilience, combat climate change impacts, and ensure clean water access for underserved communities. Donate now.